The Silver and Black were back on the field Monday afternoon at their Napa Valley Training Complex. Rookie defensive tackle Treyvon Hester generated some good interior pressure Monday, shedding a lineman, and forcing the quarterback outside into what would have likely been a sack. Wide receiver Seth Roberts had a nice day at the office, making a few impressive catches, most noticeably a shoe-string grab during one of the team’s 11-on-11 sessions.

In the early stages, following the second padded practice of the Oakland Raiders training camp, Oakland Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio addressed the media. Then, what did he do? Oakland Raiders Head Coach Jack Del Rio has preached his mantra of “Return to Greatness” since the beginning of last year, and he’s driven to take this team to the next level. After strapping on the pads for their first padded practice Monday, the players were back on the field again Tuesday in Napa, Calif., to make the helmets clash yet again. Following practice, Womens Seth Roberts Jersey addressed the media, and recapped the past two days.

Jack Del Rio was a special people, while the Raiders accomplished a lot last season, Del Rio isn’t concerned with what’s in the rearview mirror. And he has published a very wonderful speech. “First of all, good or bad, whatever happened in the past is left in the past. I think for us each year, you have to come in and reestablish who you are, the things you believe in, learn how to sacrifice, get yourself in shape – and it’s not just physical condition, it’s mental, emotional conditioning. That’s what we’re here to do. We’re working hard at it. We’re just getting started here in camp. It’s very early in camp. We’ve got a long way to go, but I like the spirit of this football team. We’ve got a good group of men, and we know we’ve got a lot of work in front of us.” To be honest, Youth Seth Roberts Jersey is a confident coach with a clear path to the future. After all, Raiders also need to be improved in many ways.

In additional, Del Rio even talked about the additions of wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson and quarterback EJ Manuel, discussed how they’re coming along. Kids Seth Roberts Jersey think obviously they were two guys that they felt could upgrade them at those positions; Cordarrelle with his tremendous explosiveness, his return ability and the fact that we feel like there’s still a lot more to develop there from a receiver standpoint and potentially doing some other things with him. And then with EJ, he had a relationship with [offensive coordinator] Todd [Downing] before. He was selected high in the draft before. He doesn’t carry all that burden with him, he just comes in here with a chance to compete and develop, and not worry about all of that other stuff cheap jerseys and just think about growing every day as a player.”

Now that second-year safety Karl Joseph is healthy and has a year of experience under his belt, Del Rio is pleased with what he sees from him. He is a tireless worker.His energy is not lacking, he wants to improve and become a really good football player.We liked what we wrote, and I think he’s healthier now. We have a chance to see more of what he can do because he’s healthier wholesale jerseys and has a bit of experience.”

Del Rio praised the progression of wide receivers K.J. Brent and Jaydon Mickens recently. Raiders expressed Brent and Mickens have been really strong throughout this offseason. He think both K.J. and Jaydon, obviously being with them last year on the practice squad and developing, it’s a little different in how they do it. Jaydon, smaller, quicker guy with some return ability, and K.J., a bigger guy and able to get in there and do more blocking, the dirty work we ask our receivers to do. They’re both doing a great job. They’re both in the mix. Raiders have a good, solid group of wideouts. Everywhere on Raiders roster, Seth Roberts Jersey #10 are going to compete and let it play out.”

When Del Rio also touched on fellow second-year Wide receiver Johnny Holton, he said it would be natural for Holton to expand his role a little bit. Take some of the experience he had last year and help team make an even bigger impact on special teams, as well as being involved in the offense. That’s the next step for him. That’s the progression Oakland Raiders are looking to forward.